Norprint offers a variety of security products incorporating RFID / AM / RF technologies. The flagship product Nortag™ is a key anti theft device used by High street retailers.

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Electronic Article Aurveillance, or EAS, is an anti-shoplifting system used by retailer across the highstreet. A detectable tag is attached to the item of clothing or merchandise. Norprint have a patented product the Nortag, winning the Queens Award for Innovation.  This experience and working with retailers means Norprint have developed 3 main formats of EAS, Acousto-Magnetic (AM), Radio Frequency (RF) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) offering more tracable and scalable solutions, we have worked with companies in implementing global source tagging projects.

Norprint are able to offer creative solutions to your EAS tagging needs while ensuring that the need for covert tag placement is met. Soft tagging at source has a range of benefits including:-
* Reduced instore labour costs, both fornt office and back office
* Ideal for delicate fabrics, no damage to the garment via pin hard tagging
* On product Brand enhancement
* Covert in nature and incorporated into current labelling needs
* Speed of delivery to the shop floor no back office tagging as this is done at source
* Better customer experience - easier to try garments on & reduces lines at checkout

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